I litter - Born: 5th of December 2018
Gonzo des Fées d'Ebène
Import "France"

HD-A / ED-0
KNPV-Policedog 1

More about Gonzo
On the 5th of December 7 beautiful puppies where born! 3 males and 4 females.
The names are Indy, Inuk, Inka, Irmy, Ivar, Irko and Itai
6 weeks
4 weeks
Day 5
Day 1
We expect puppies with a lot of temperament and working drives, suitable for all kinds of sports, like IPO, KNPV, Ring or Agility.
We have exported puppies to several countries such as, USA, Japan, Switzerland, UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium.
If you want more information about export, you can contact us.
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