Breedingplans 2017 and 2018. (scroll down)
We expect puppies with lots of temperament and drives with stable and taxable character.
We are looking for experienced handlers, puppies will only go to active sports or working homes.

Fyra Perro de la Casa Negra
HD - A
DNA profile
SDCA 1 + 2: N/N
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Pedigree of this combination

Eloisa Vampy
Import: "Finland"
HD-A, ED-0, DNA profile
In training KNPV
This is a very special combination because of the bloodlines of Vampy and Fyra. Both bloodlines have Groenendael Policedogs in the pedigree.
There also will be born shorthaired puppies.
We expect puppies with a lot of temperament and working drives, suitable for all kinds of sports, like IPO, KNPV, Ring or Agility.

Evita Perro de la Casa Negra
HD - A, ED - 0
IPO 1, at Regional Championship NBG
IPO 2, at National Championship NBG
IPO 3, at Noorderlichtbokaal.
Dutch Championship Belgian Shepherds
7th place

February or August 2018

Pedigree of this comination

High Spirited Ancara
HD-A, ED-0
Participant FMBB 2014
Participant Finnisch Championships 2013-2016
If you are interested in a puppy out of Groenendael working bloodlines, please contact us.
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