Breedingplans 2018.

Evita Perro de la Casa Negra
HD-A, ED-0

IPO 1, at Regional Championship NBG
IPO 2, at National Championship NBG
IPO 3, at Noorderlichtbokaal.
Dutch Championship Belgian Shepherds
7th place

November 2018

Pedigree of this combination

Gonzo des Fees d"Ebene.
HD-A, ED-0
Import: "France"

Policdog 1 (PH 1)

Gonzo is the only Groenendael with Policedog 1 certificate!
Gonzo is also the father of our F-litter.
We expect puppies with lots of temperament and drives with stable and taxable character.
We are looking for experienced handlers, puppies will only go to active sports or working homes.
If you are interested in a puppy out of Groenendael working bloodlines, please contact us.
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