About us

It is our passion and our life to train and work with our dogs in the IGP.
And we want to do that with the breed we love the most, the Belgian Shepherd - the Groenendael.

There are only a few Groenendael who are capable enough to do that.
The courage and stable nerves often are missing.
So we want to work on broaden the workinglines and improving the breed.
So that there will be more Groenendaelers in the IGP/Policedog training.

We want to breed a healthy, stable, courages and social Groenendael.
A Groenendael which satisfies in every aspect to the breeding standard.
We make high demands to our dogs. Where health and character are most important. We will breed a litter of puppies once a year.

Our breeding females:
Djima has IGP 3.
Avar has IGP 3.
Evita, has IGP 3, my dreamdog! Daughter of Avar and Garry. We bred her ourselves and she is everything we hoped for.
And besides her excellent working qualities, she has a fantastic, special character.
And we have Fyra, daughter of Avar and Gonzo. Very special female, very social and open to people and other animals.
Strong character and just like her half-sister Evita she shows very good working qualities. We have kept Hazy from the first Fyra litter and her health checks are very good, HD-A and ED-0/0. We will breed with her in the future. Our studmale Garry:
We have imported him from France out of the best and very succesfull working bloodlines.
He has his VZH/BH certificate and IGP 3.
Garry is fantastic, everything we want to see in a male Groenendael.
Large build, strong and atletic. His character is super: stable, social, courages,temperamented and a lot of working skills.
He is not impressed by anything, a real male!
And we have Ivar, son of Evita and Gonzo a very promising young male en interesting for breeding in the futere, he is being trained as a policedog!
Take a look at Our Dogs for more information about Djima, Avar, Evita, Hazy, Ivar and Garry.

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