Fyra Perro de la Casa Negra

Born: 08-07-2015

Owner: Jolanda Bronsema
Perro de la Casa Negra



DNA profile
Homozygous black
SDCA 1: N/N, SDCA 2: N/N

Co-owned for breeding

Fyra, daughter of Gonzo, the only Groenendael with the KNPV PH 1 certificate! Also daughter of Avar, IPO 3.
A very special bloodline and promising workingline for IPO or Policedog training!
She is a very open, social and stable female.
She has temperament and the right working drives. She has shown that during the training we did with her.
Jolanda, thank you for how she became, she is a grown into a fantastic female. And we are proud to use her for breeding.
Fyra's gallery
18 months - tracking

1 year

9 weeks

Fyra's results
17-10-2016 On the 17th of October Fyra Perro de la Casa Negra has been x-rayes for HD. Today we have got the official results (FCI) from Dutch Kennelclub and we are very happy with it.
Result is: HD-A. Look at HD result.
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