Diouck du Champ Boulet
Born. 14-09-2008
Male (GR)


HD-A / ED-0
Brevet Defence
Ring 2
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Mating France 2012
Djima x Diouck
Diouck's Results
04-03-2012 Diouck du Champ Boulet from kennel "Du Champ Boulet" from France wins 1st place in Ring 1 with 197.8 / 200 points.
A remarkable achievement given that he was the only Groenendael in the game and wins from the Malinois and German Shepherds!
With this he has qualified for the final in July 2012!
Claude, congratulations on this super performance. Diouck is the father of our male Garry and we are proud that we could use him as a stud dog for Djima.
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